AK-Interactive AK 1059 Cold Blood Turquoise Spray

AK 1059 Cold Blood Turquoise Spray - Image 1
יַצרָן: AK-Interactive
קוד מוצר: AKI-1059
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קוד מוצרAKI-1059
מִשׁקָל:0.41 kg
נוסף לקטלוג ב:28.4.2022

AK’s line of Wargame Sprays are designed for the quick and efficient priming of your miniatures. Each color, in addition to acting as a primer layer, works as a base layer to paint your
armies. The paint is highly resistant to be able to manipulate your figures without problems, as well as to facilitate the adhesion of the following layers of effects or paint on them.
The sprays include two spray nozzles: standard and fine.
Great for quickly painting your army, no matter if it is armor, dragon or reptile.

This color will save you time and you will get a perfect turquoise base.

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נוסף לקטלוג ב: 28.4.2022
זמינות: במלאי!
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