Fujimi 500836 Castle-2 Kokura Castle

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Kokura Castle is a Japanese defensive structure built in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kitakiusiu city on the island of Kyushu. The building was built in the 17th century (exactly - in 1602), and the initiator of its construction was the samurai Hosokawa Tadaoki. However, shortly thereafter, the castle changed its owner and in the period 1632-1860 it belonged to the Ogasawara family. The castle was first destroyed by a fire in 1837, but has been largely rebuilt. However, in 1866 it burned down almost completely. For many years, the castle was not subject to renovation works and they were not initiated until 1959. Due to the terrible condition of the building, the works lasted until 1990. At present, the castle houses a museum dedicated to the memory of the Japanese writer Seichi Matsumoto. It is worth adding that the garden surrounding the castle was opened to visitors only in 1998! There is also a restored lighthouse on its premises.

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