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Junyo was a Japanese light aircraft carrier, the keel of which was laid in March 1939, launched in June 1941, and entered service with the Imperial Japanese Navy in May 1942. The ship was 219.3 meters long, 26.7 meters wide, and had a full displacement of 24,200 tons. The maximum speed of the Junyo aircraft carrier was around 25-26 knots, and its main armament comprised 42 to 48 on-board planes.

Originally, Junyo was built as a luxury ocean liner called Kashiwara Maru for one of the Japanese shipping lines. However, with the impending outbreak of the war in the Pacific and the desire of the navy command to expand its own air force, the as yet unfinished passenger ship was bought by the fleet and rebuilt into an aircraft carrier. Similarly to twin Hiyo. A characteristic feature of the Junyo was the relatively large and high superstructure on the starboard side and the funnel tilted away from the main axis of the ship in order to improve the conditions of the air force. The combat career of the aircraft carrier Junyo began very quickly - in May 1942, so immediately after being accepted into service, it was directed to operations in the Aleutian region. Then he fought in the Guadalcanal region, taking part in the Battle of Santa Cruz in October 1942. On June 10, 1943, Junyo was severely damaged by an American submarine, forcing the carrier to return to Japan for repairs, which lasted until September. The aircraft carrier Junyo took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944, but despite the damage, it managed to return to base. After this battle, the aircraft carrier did not take much part in the struggle in the Pacific, and from December 1944 - until the end of the war - it was stationed in Sasebo, where it was taken over by the Americans. The Junyo aircraft carrier was scrapped by August 1947.

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