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Modelarstwo kartonowe 50-05 LAVOCHKIN LA-7

LAVOCHKIN LA-7 - Image 1
סוּלָם: 1:50
יַצרָן: Modelarstwo kartonowe
קוד מוצר: MKE-50-05
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יַצרָןModelarstwo kartonowe
קוד מוצרMKE-50-05
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The Lavochkin La-5 is a Soviet, single-engine, low-wing, full-metal fighter from the Second World War. The La-5 was actually a much improved LaGG-3 aircraft that was unable to compete with the German fighters on the Eastern Front. The La-5 aircraft entered production in 1942, and remained in production until the end of the war. There were about 10,500 of all versions, with the La-5FN being the most widely produced. The design itself, compared to the German models, was very simple and practically the plane could be assembled in any factory, even in non-aircraft factories and with workers with little training. The first planes of this type took part in the fights at the turn of 1942-1943, and gained combat fame in the Battle of Stalingrad, where 180 La-5 machines were used, which shot down 353 German planes! The La-5 was powered by the Szwecow M-82 and M82FN piston engine, 1540KM and 1750KM, respectively. The development of the La-5 was the La-7 aircraft. Externally, both machines did not differ at all. La-7 entered production in 1944, and by the end of the war, over 5,700 units of this machine had been built. Technical data (version La-5FN): length: 8.67m, wingspan: 9.8m, height: 2.54m, maximum speed: 648km / h, rate of climb: 16.7m / s, maximum range: 765km, ceiling maximum 11000m, armament: fixed - 2 20mm SzWAK cannons, suspended - 2 bombs of 100 kg or 4 RS-82 missiles.
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