NEW! Fujimi 723501 MI-11 EX-1 JGSDF Type 99 155mm Howitzer Self-Propelled

MI-11 EX-1 JGSDF Type 99 155mm Howitzer Self-Propelled - Image 1
סוּלָם: 1:72
יַצרָן: Fujimi
קוד מוצר: fjm723501
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The Type 99 is a modern Japanese self-propelled gun. The first prototypes of the vehicle were created in the late 1980s, and the first Type 99 cars probably entered the line in 1999. The Type 99 is powered by a single Mitsubishi engine 6SY31WA with a power of 600 hp. The Type 99 is armed with a single 155mm Japan Steel Works L / 52 howitzer and one 12.7mm M-2HB machine gun.

The Type 99 was developed as a successor to the Type 75 self-propelled howitzer used by the Japanese armed forces since the 1970s. Mitsubishi and Japan Steel Works were involved in the design and production of the new artillery system. During the design of the Type 99, an appropriately modified Type 89 IFV chassis and hull was used, which allowed for a slight reduction in the time of designing and implementing the entire structure for serial production. A new 155 mm howitzer, manufactured by Japan Steel Works, with a barrel length of 52 caliber was also used, which allowed to achieve the 30 km range of normal rounds and 38 km when firing a missile assisted by a rocket engine. The rate of fire is estimated at 6 rounds per minute. Considering the advantages of the weapon, as well as the fire control and battlefield management systems, the Type 99 is one of the most modern self-propelled howitzers in the world. At present, the Japanese armed forces are equipped with 117 examples of this type of weapon.

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