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Excel Hobby Tools 55593 Round Nose Pilier w/ Side Cutter

Round Nose Pilier w/ Side Cutter - Image 1
יַצרָן: Excel Hobby Tools
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יַצרָןExcel Hobby Tools
קוד מוצרexc55593
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נוסף לקטלוג ב:20.6.2014
תגיות:Pliers Cutter

Excel Blades Round Nose Plier with Side Cutter 

  • Excel Blades Round Nose Pliers
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Plastic grip handles designed for ultimate comfort and a secure grip
  • Spring-loaded technology helps reduce hand cramping and fatigue.
  • Allows precise cuts with ease on different materials like, wires, metals, plastics, paper, etc.
  • Tapered nose with fine tips for bending wire, jewelry making, computers maintenance, electronics repair, small object gripping ect.
  • Includes one (1) 5in- 13cm. Round Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
  • Recommend product: 5" Round Nose Pilier.

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נוסף לקטלוג ב: 20.6.2014
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