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Excel Hobby Tools 55600 Square File, Cut 2

Square File, Cut 2 - Image 1
יַצרָן: Excel Hobby Tools
קוד מוצר: exc55600
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יַצרָןExcel Hobby Tools
קוד מוצרexc55600
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Excel Blades - Individual Square File, Cut #2

  • This file is made ideally for shaping and deburring an array of materials such  such as, metals, plastics, wood etc. Each file is durable, sturdy, coarse, and perfect for projects involving precision filing, creating grooves, amplifying spaces and smoothing inconsistent surfaces.
  • Used with: wood, metal, plastic, PVC, leather, cardboard, and foam boards.
  • Used for: Wood working, model making, and construction,  .
  • Used by:Wood workers, model makers, graphic artists, architects, designers, and hobbyists
  • Includes 1 Square File.
  • These files can be used with our aluminum vise, product #70001.
  • 5.5in-14cm.
  • Recommend products: Knife File, Cut 2 and Three Square File, Cut 2.
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